Every year it’s the same thing: you start out with big plans to lose weight and finally get in shape, but around late January or early February you start fudging on that resolution. You skip workouts and let yourself eat foods you know you shouldn’t.


Staying motivated is admittedly one of the hardest parts about getting in shape, but the apps below might be the extra push you need to stick to your resolution this year.

Must-have health apps

My Fitness Pal: One of the hardest parts of dieting is discerning just how many calories you’re eating, whether a food is actually good for you or not, what’s an appropriate portion, and simply keeping track of it all. This app offers one of the largest food databases anywhere, so you can quickly look up how many calories a food item has and keep a log of what you’re eating.

Zombies, Run!: Do you have trouble getting motivated to work out? This app gives you that incentive. Get immersed in the story and slowly build your stamina by imagining that you’re being chased by hoards of zombies. It’s fun, and it definitely gives you a good reason to run.

Charity Miles: This app is another great motivator to work out longer and more often. Do good for yourself while doing good for others with this app, which donates to charities and raises awareness of different causes based on how often you walk, run, or cycle.

Map My Fitness: With a database of workouts, this app helps you build an exercise and diet plan from the ground up. It’s great if you’re completely lost and don’t know where to start, or you just want to mix things up and try some new routines.

If you’re still having trouble coming up with a diet and exercise plan, it’s worth it to talk to a trainer and a nutritionist, and do a little research on dietary counseling in your area or online.

Everyone’s body is different, so you need to focus on developing a plan that’s specific to your needs and lifestyle.


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