Wearable tech is the way of the future. From step-counting, heart-rate monitoring bracelets, to app connected shirt pins, soon we will never be without connectivity. But nothing sums up wearable technology quite like the invention of the century, Google Glass.

Google Glass seems to be the poster-child of wearable tech. While generally we like to poke fun at the guy walking around candidly with this piece of technology attached to his head, I think we can all agree that there is an undertone of jealousy in those japes and jibes. Undoubtedly an interesting piece of equipment, it can be controlled by voice,  send emails, receive notifications, and access all Google programs (weather, maps, etc.).

Do you use any wearable tech? Take a look at this infographic for more and let us know which one you have (or would like to have) in the comments. Don’t forget to like and share!

Wearable Tech: The future of your health (Infographic)


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