2013 was an incredible year for social media—and several must-know statistics prove this point. For instance, 95 percent of all Facebook users log into their accounts daily. Of all the minutes spent on the Internet, a full 15.8 percent are spent on Facebook. Facebook’s competitors made some breakthroughs in 2013 as well. 2013 saw 231.7 million active Twitter users who spend an average of 170 minutes each month on the network. Also, Google+ added and continues to add 25,000 users every day.

Pinterest, the popular photo sharing platform, also competes with Facebook in some ways. Did you know that Pinterest had the largest share of total traffic referred to e-commerce sites in 2013? The average Pinterest shopper spends $140-$180, compared to $60-$80 for the average Facebook shopper. It’s shocking then that only 10 percent of brands have a major marketing focus on Pinterest. Another powerhouse in the Social Media space, LinkedIn’s experienced tremendous growth as well. Of its 259 million users, almost 40 percent paid for LinkedIn Premium.

To learn even more of the must-know 2013 social media statistics, check out the full infographic below!

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