The problem with being overweight isn’t just that you’re uncomfortable and feel unattractive in a swimsuit or skinny jeans. The problem with being overweight is that your health suffers.

Excess weight means so much more than just feeling out of place on the beach. It also means that you could have a shorter life as well as a higher risk for disease and other problems.

Increased risk of disease

When you carry even a few extra pounds of weight around, your chances of developing health problems rise dramatically. Those who are a little overweight also run the risk of the problem escalating into obesity, a condition that carries even greater health risks.

Overweight or obese, you have a higher risk of cholesterol issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, heart attack and stroke. You even have a higher risk of developing certain forms of cancer. This is true for both men and women. Though in general it’s long been considered more socially acceptable for men to be overweight, that doesn’t mean that men don’t face the same risks.

Other health issues

Those who are overweight tend to suffer from sleep disorders. They often have lower self-esteem and not much confidence. This can affect mental and emotional health. Those who are overweight have a higher risk of suffering from depression, stress and anxiety. These problems can cause many side effects, one of which is even more overeating.

What you can do

If you’re overweight and diet and exercise don’t seem to do the trick for you, you might consider bariatric treatment at an outpatient facility. This surgery involves either reducing the stomach’s size, removing part of it or rerouting the small intestines. The procedure can help you get started in the right direction toward changing your life for the positive.

Not everyone is a good candidate for bariatric surgery for weight loss. Your doctor can discuss this option with you in detail. Weight problems are individual to each person who suffers from them, and no one treatment works for everyone.


Not making the effort to change your life, lose weight and get healthy means you could have fewer years to live than a healthier version of yourself would. Diet and exercise always are options, but some people benefit from a boost from a doctor and a simple outpatient surgery.


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