Millionaires come from almost every walk of life in all corners of the world. It’s hard to find anything in common with all of them other than their wallets. There are 31,680,000 millionaires in the world these days, and they do in fact have something in common. There is no recipe for success, but these traits may have helped them to the money they have now.

Most wealthy folks stick to a routine. They keep a thorough written to-do list, listen to audiobooks on their daily commute, and spend a good amount of time networking with others. They are healthy and maintain a strict diet and exercise regimen and generally eat a lot less junk food than the average layman. In their children they instill good habits and encourage them to volunteer at a cause of their choice.

This isn’t rocket science; these are habits that we can all pick up. Living a life based on self-improvement and positivity won’t necessarily make us rich, but it can certainly make us happier, healthier people. Take a look at this infographic for more on the habits of wealthy people.

Richest People


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