If you’re looking for great fun in Africa, there’s more than enough. Africa has so many things to enjoy that it would take more than one trip to sample all the various entertainments and adventures.


From safaris to lounging with a nice cool drink, there are more than enough treats to keep people coming back! For example, here are five things to enjoy while you’re vacationing in South Africa.

1. Green Flag Hiking trails

For those who love the outdoors and keeping fit, this is a perfect choice. With the Green Flag Hiking trails, you can experience the beauty of Africa while staying in the best of shape.

Choose from difficulty levels and types of scenery as part of your package. This may be one of your most exciting experiences yet.

2. Local markets and bazaars

Shopping has never been more diverse and interesting. Enjoying the sites and sounds of a bustling marketplace is just a start. The culture is rich and the friendly atmosphere will make you want to stay for a very long time.

Practice your bargaining skills or simply contribute to the growing economy. Either way, the markets will give you extremely good examples of the tastes, sights, and sounds of the wonderful African ambience.

3. Safari

Many people come to Africa to enjoy a safari. Roughing it through the African terrain while eye-balling various exotic animals is simply where it’s at, for many adventurers.

With a tour guide, you can enjoy an up-close-and-personal view of some of Africa’s most beautiful and dangerous beasts. Enjoy camping in the wild or simply take a drive-through during the daytime hours. An African safari will please all your senses in the wild.

4. Historical tours

South Africa is rich in history. Some of the earliest human fossils were found here. You can visit Robben Island, where Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years, and the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg. Enjoy tours in and around these sights, learn about the violence, and the heroism of Mandela.

5. Volunteering

You may add great value to your life by volunteering to help the needy in Africa. Stay a while and live as the natives, which will help you understand what we so often take for granted.

There can be far more pleasure in volunteering your time to serve others than splurging on expensive goods and adventures.

Africa is full of wonder and beauty. Sometimes we have to look below the surface to find the great fun to be had. When searching for activities in Africa, make sure to check out this site for ideas and information.

For accommodations in South Africa, SA-Venues will direct you to many options. Enjoying Africa should be more than just taking a pleasure excursion; sometimes enjoyment comes from the simpler things in life.


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