Color, heat, and frequent washing might seem like the perfect way to achieve great hair, but they can be damaging. Your hair follicles can only take so much before they begin to suffer the consequences of everyday life — and that includes styling.

If you want to achieve great hair, styling is not your first priority. No amount of styling or hair tool usage can help you achieve the look of gorgeous hair if you don’t take care of it yourself. The tips below can help you have really great hair.

Be healthy

Your overall health plays a major role in the health of your hair. When you take the time to eat right and exercise regularly, you are doing more than keeping your body and health fit; you’re keeping your hair healthy.

Fitness issues caused by not taking care of your body can include thyroid problems. When you suffer thyroid problems, that can have a negative impact on your hair.

This might start as a few strands of dry and brittle hair and evolve into significant hair loss over time.

Don’t wash every day

Many women think it’s unsanitary not to wash their hair each day. However, it’s horrible for your hair to do this. The chemicals in your shampoo can cause your hair to break and dry out. Aim for every other day instead.

If you suffer from oily strands and simply cannot imagine not washing every day, consider these alternatives. Wash the front only; then style it to get rid of grease. Skip the shampoo but do condition in the shower.

Additionally, use a dry shampoo before styling to help absorb excess oil.

Accept that hair loss happens

Whether it’s hereditary or medically caused, hair loss does happen to women and it can happen as early as your 20s. Conditions such as alopecia, stress, medical treatments, and illness can cause your hair to fall out.

If this happens, you don’t have to live with it. It doesn’t matter how much you care for your hair if other factors come into play. However, you can discuss special hair care, quality wigs, and treatment options with your stylist.

This won’t bring back your natural hair, but it will help you regain the confidence you lose with each strand of hair.

Taking care of your hair is paramount for healthy strands. Unfortunately, it’s not always the answer for all women. Some women take excellent care of their hair and still lose it due to circumstances beyond their control.

Rest assured, however, that hair loss needn’t strip you of your confidence or happiness.


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