When you do business with a company, you’re not only paying for what you buy, but you’re also paying for the customer service. And if that customer service is lacking in any way, well the average person is going to pack up and take their business elsewhere, usually to a competitor. These days, the service sector makes up 68% of the United States GDP and account for four out of five jobs. Yet, just 1% of consumers feel they get consistently good customer service and just 37% of companies have customer service ratings at or above “good.” Customer loyalty really doesn’t mean much when even one poor experience will be heard by more than 20 people and ensure the customer’s departure from that company, usually never to return. Despite all of this, however, just 26% of companies have plans in place for improving their customer service quality.
Are you satisfied? Take a look at this infographic more on customer service and see how your favorite companies stack up compared to others in the industry. Don’t forget to tell us what you think in the comments and like and share.




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