College students have their work cut out for them when they enter the job market. More competitive than it has been in years, students everywhere are looking for an edge to get ahead of the hiring game.

Classically, Ivy League looks best on a resume so, therefore, virtually guarantees a good job, right? Well, not necessarily. For the amount of money that a private college demands, you might do well to attend a less selective college. In fact, students who were accepted into Ivy League but chose to go to a public university earn the same income as those who did attend Ivy League. Pair that with the 67% of families in 2013 who eliminated schools based on tuition costs, Ivy League isn’t as appealing as it was before.

Check out this infographic for more on the myths of expensive schools. Let us know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to like and share.

Expensive School Myths



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