The Book Is Not Dead [Infographic]

The media often tells us that books are dying and being replaced by e-books. There’s no doubt that the Kindle has been wildly successful, but this doesn’t mean that e-books will be like digital music and completely replace their counterparts. While e-book sales have been growing since 2009, the rate of growth has been slowing down considerably. In reference to the digital music comparison, it’s important to note that the rate of increase in digital music sales started to decline only when it accounted for over 50 percent of music sales. The rate of increase in E-book sales has already slowed—and they account for only 20 percent of sales.

The fact of the matter is that e-book sales have hit a plateau and will settle around 25 percent of overall volume, according to experts. In many places—like Canada—e-book sales have actually experienced a decline. Regarding the health of independent bookstores, there were actually more of them around in 2012 (1,567) than there were in 2009 (1,401). Also, hardcover book sales are up 10 percent in the first eight months of 2013 versus 4.8 percent for e-books.

Need more evidence that classic paper books aren’t dying? Check out the full infographic below!

The Book Is Not Dead - Infographic by License Direct

Infographic by License Direct


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