Small businesses often have a concern about keeping billing and other information in order. Not only do companies, such as medical clinics have to worry about providing services, customer service, and quality; they also have to keep records, statements, and appointments in order, if they don’t want their business to go under.

This is in area where many medical facilities could use some help. When they decide to move to cloud-based technology, it’s not uncommon for doubts to surface. But there are several positive aspects to adopting this kind of service, and every company should take them into consideration.

The Pros

1. Organization

Cloud-based storage, for instance, can help a company to move from paper billing to digital format. This can make processes much easier and proficient.

But you don’t have to rush into changing the system all at once. With this technology, a firm can slowly transfer from its old ways of doing things to the simpler, more organized electronic filing system. This is a major plus.

2. Immunity

Unlike damage to paper files from a natural disaster, a digital filing system is immune to this sort of catastrophe. You can get access to your undamaged files with any Internet connection, anywhere, and continue forward while other issues are being sorted out.

This proves to be very important when patients require specialized treatment that needs their personal information or history of previous treatments. These files must always be accessible in order to make timely decisions in treatment.

A cloud-based service can be subject to outages, though. If they go down, then you will also be down until their power is restored.

3. Low costs

The cost of setting up and using a cloud-based system is much cheaper than the old paper file systems. Cloud computing for a small business costs only about $7,000 to launch, and the system usually runs for four to five years.

The annual costs are around $1,000, which is less than $4 per mailbox. All these costs are included in the cloud-based system’s prices. This in itself is a reason to consider switching to digital record-keeping.

If this kind of service is of interest to you, then you should find a medical IT consultant to get all the information you need to select the best cloud-computing service for your needs. It will take time to convert over to digital format, but the change will likely be well worth it.

Small companies such as medical clinics need all the help they can get to grow into the future. By utilizing a simpler, more compact filing system such as cloud technology, they can reach new goals in a much shorter time. It’s just a better way to do business.


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