Most of us have a cellphone that we take everywhere. But to get the most out of this device, a smartphone is a better option, if you want to be connected to the Internet at all times.

For their smartphone, some people prefer Android devices over Apple products. Below are some of the apps that enable Android users to get the most out of their device.

1. Dropbox

This can be used in conjunction with software that can be downloaded on your computer. Instead of carrying around a flash drive, you can add files to Dropbox from a computer or phone and therefore access them anywhere.

There are also sharing options so you can send your files to others via email or their own Dropbox.

2. Mint

This app can keep track of multiple bank accounts from your computer and sync them when you’re on the go. Mint can help keep you on budget, stay on top of income and expenses, and create alerts if you go over a predetermined budget limit.

3. Spotify

Spotify users can stream music from their Android phones, including their own playlists. These playlists can be made available for use offline so an Internet connection is not necessary to enjoy the music.

4. Out of Milk

This app is a task manager for creating grocery lists, to-do lists, and a pantry list to determine what you have in stock at home and what you need to purchase. The lists can be shared online, as well.

5. Fixster

Here’s an app for movie lovers that shows show times for the nearest theaters based on your physical location. The app also brings up reviews from Rotten Tomatoes so you can see what kind of overall ratings the film has received.

6. Runkeeper

This app keeps track of your runs, hikes, and cycling, through GPS tracking. It tracks the distance covered, speeds at which you move, and calculates those stats into calories burned.

The app can measure heart rate, play music while running, and set specific targets — such as when you reach the first mile — and will announce the goal when you reach it.

7. ReadItToMe

This is an app that reads your messages out loud, so you don’t have to look at your screen while driving a vehicle or working out. The app will read you the name of an incoming caller or the SMS text message, so your device qualifies as hands-free.


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