Spider silk is being called the super material of the future. Because of its unique properties of protein chains, spider spun silk is five times stronger than steel while being more elastic than a rubber band. It is extremely resilient and can absorb three times as much energy as Kevlar.

Scientists all over the world have been working with spider silk to improve applications in medicine, construction and military. Underwater adhesive has always been a challenge, but thanks to spider silk, that’s mostly unaffected by water, two years of funds have been granted to Utah State University for further research. Spider silk means good news for eye and nerve surgery patients. These delicate procedures are made easier and more effective with the use of spider silk thread because it’s stronger and thinner than the currently used thread or silkworm silk.

There is potential in biodegradable water bottles, flexible bridge suspension, and unrippable writing paper with spider silk. Check out this infographic for more on its uses and what it means to our future.


Infographic by Sierra Cases