An enterprise’s best tool for success has always been effective software and we are quick to pounce on any new piece. But how can we be sure that this piece of software is secure? Most of the time, enterprise software works very closely and has access to sensitive and confidential information. Any deficiency in the software could spell disaster and potentially ruin a business.

Unfortunately, the pressure for companies to grow faster and faster has encouraged them to seek help from outside vendors and for their software needs. Now, the average enterprise outsources development for 65% of its mission critical apps that are vital to the functioning of an organization. It’s no surprise then that 63% of reported data breaches are from a security deficiency in a third parties software code.

Below is an infographic that spells out the dangers that come from untested software and what can be done to avoid a disastrous security breach. Check it out to learn more.

Third Party Software Security Infographic

Infographic by Veracode Application Security