Business travelers the world over understand just how hectic getting from point A to point B is in this day and age. Long lines at airports, increased security, delayed and cancelled flights – these things are all routine. The good news is that, at least in terms of mobile devices, modern technology can make it easier for the modern businessman or woman to make tat flight and keep that appointment. This assistance comes in app form. And since there are so many on the market, it makes sense to narrow the options down to those that cost approximately zero dollars to download.


The advent of the Internet may have eliminated the need for most paper receipts, but clutter is still clutter, whether it’s digital or physical. Those who travel frequently likely find their email inboxes overflowing with receipts and itineraries from airlines, car rental companies and hotels. TripIt searches for all such information and consolidates it in a straightforward schedule that can be exported to the user’s Google or Outlook calendar.


When it comes to airline seating, “window or aisle?” has been the extent of the average passenger’s choice for some time. Not anymore. With SeatGuru users can get the exact layout of their flight aircraft and know to a certainty whether their seat is by the restroom or in an exit row. The app covers most airplanes from most carriers and even provides individual seat stats displaying width and pitch – which is useful for taller flyers.


Long waits in airport terminals are an unpleasant fact of life for many frequent travelers. That said, many airports have attempted to curb the monotony by adding more and more restaurants and retailers. These days, many terminals are more shopping mall and food court than airport. GateGuru helps the user navigate the many options on offer at many hubs. Those who want to bypass fast food in favor of sushi can check the app to see if there is an option that meets their needs. GateGuru also offers restaurant reviews as well as detailed terminal maps.

Trip Advisor City Guides

It’s may not be difficult for international business folk to fire up their smartphones and access maps after touching down in a foreign city – but it can be expensive. Roaming data packages don’t come cheap, which is why Trip Advisor City Guides is a good option. The app offers detailed maps of over 50 cities throughout the world. Plus, the can be accessed offline.



There are few things more frustrating for travelers – especially business travelers — than hearing over a terminal PA system that their flight has been cancelled. But with Kayak, there’s no need to lose hope. This app provides alternate flight options that can be purchased immediately right from the user’s smartphone.

While some of the above options do charge for premium service, they all at least come with a free lite version. And between all of these options, there likely is no need for any additional travel apps to be downloaded to that smartphone.

Christopher McMurphy is an international business expert, technophile and customs broker Melbourne.


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