Cyber crime has emerged as the most disastrous threat to individuals and organizations as it may lead to huge financial losses as well as the loss of consumer trust and theft of intellectual property. That’s why security has become major concern of every invididual and organization. Organizations have spent lot of time and efforts to improve the security in every area. As 2014 is approaching, experts see many new forms of cyber crimes and security to be seen next year. Today, we’ll take a brief look at them:

Rise of Audits and Post-Breach Protection:
All the organizations will face serious threats to their corporate data in 2014. To counter this threat, organizations will go for insurance and it will increase the trend of taking cyber security insurance. Facing new cyber crime challenges, organizations will increasingly conduct organizational audits, post-breach protection and background check.

Post-PC Era Security:
The internet of things will greatly create an impact on the cyber security of year 2014 as attackers now have more access to government, organizational and personal data. Its now post-PC era and there is a need to look into new ways secure the connections of devices, otherwise digital war attackers will get an ultimate advantage over the security defenders.

Trust; The Crucial Factor:
Trus will be the most important factor, when professional entities will collect the data. The increasing use of smart devices and wearable tech will also give birth to new and tough challenges for businesses and consumers regarding their privacy security. Consumers will only trust if the business entities will keep the data collection process transparent and will use new approaches for conducting this process.

Fragmented Internet:
We will experience more fragmentation in the internet, which will be highly visible to everyone. As far as the worldwide communication is concerned, the loss of global trust will surely lead to the emergence of not only more cyber borders but also to the secured networks. Its likely that that all these newly introduced networks will be managed by the government agencies to avoid any external intrusion. This approach will increase the security but will set limit to the resources available to the general public.

Mobile Malware:
Mobile malware will be the huge trend in 2014 with the rise of portable devices. Mac OS will the hot target of attackers in 2014. We will see ransomware, malicious browser plugins, rogue antivirus software and other malware attacking programs attacking on this growingly popular OS. The only way to protect from these attackers will be to strengthen the proactive layers of security software.

Final Words:
In 2014, we will see continual of increasing security breaches and organizations will face new forms of cyber crimes. Only businesses ready for instant regulatory changes will gain the trust of their consumers in 2014 and beyond.

Rob Franklin is the leading editor and journalist for a security website that deals with background checks. You can visit the website to learn more about why it’s important to run background  checks before hiring an employee.


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