Traveling across the country without the responsibilities of home ownership or rental offers an incredibly freeing lifestyle, but it’s not suited for everyone. A sense of adventure is one of the top requirements for living life like a 21st-century vagabond. A sense of adventure does not mean that you must sacrifice all the creature comforts though. Traveling from one undetermined destination to another is more rewarding when prepared for it. How do you prepare to live like a modern-day vagabond?

Downsize Belongings

The only way to travel like a vagabond is to downsize as much as possible. Consider giving the majority of home belongings to charity. This will help another family while providing a less cumbersome approach to travel. Have a yard sale, give personal belongings to family members, or consider storage for items you are not ready to get rid of permanently.

It is possible to travel with a heavy load of belongings on the back of the vehicle, but it is not ideal. Vagabonds only need to carry the bare minimum of essentials to be happy in their travels. This is ultimately the most important step in preparing to travel freestyle around the country. This process opens a wealth of information that leads to self-awareness.

Fluff the Nest Egg

Money may be no object to some, but it helps to have an established nest egg when traveling about the country with no particular place in mind. Living off the land is an option at times, however, that may not always be viable. It helps to be able to purchase the proper clothing for the climate in any particular area, and filling up the gas tank can be quite costly. It is important to have enough to live off of and have a little extra for emergencies.

Emergency situations include flat tires, an overheated vehicle, and medical mishaps. Make sound investments with your money to create a nest egg and keep enough available cash for hotels, food, clothing, tolls, and entertainment. Keep the money safe in a bank and use an associated debit card to access the money.

Upgrade the Vehicle

The only commonsense way to travel is in a vehicle that provides enough space to convert the vehicle into a temporary home. There are many vehicle choices available that suit this lifestyle well. One option is an SUV because it provides plenty of storage space in the back and most have fold down seats that can be quite comfortable for sleeping. Most SUVs have amazing options to keep the trip as comfortable as possible. For instance, plenty of USB ports, electrical outlets, and built-in GPS devices are available options for extensive travelers.

The ultimate travel vehicle is an RV which serves as a home on wheels with all the comforts of a permanent home. The greatest benefit to an RV is that it has a bathroom and kitchen. RVs also have regular sized beds and comfortable seats for the driver. Whatever choice is best for you, the cruise control option is a necessity for a safe driving experience.

The term vagabond no longer has the stigma that it had in the past. Living as a 21st-century vagabond creates memories like no weeklong vacation could. Take a good camera to record the exciting and breathtaking moments that will occur throughout this adventure. The world looks different from the eyes of one who has traveled without the constraints of everyday life.

Doug Frampton is a freelance writer from Bismarck, North Dakota. Doug knows that even the most modern vagabond will want a reprieve from the constant traveling lifestyle, which is why he recommends hassle-free vacations at Del Mar Escapes for anyone looking to unwind and find relaxation in a beautiful setting.


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