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What You Need to Kit Out a Home Gym

Most people who join a fitness club do so with good intentions but surveys show that four out five people don’t actually use their gym membership. This is a lot of wasted cash that could have been put to good use creating a home gym. You don’t actually need a lot of equipment to build a little home fitness centre and the outlay is cost-effective over the long term when compared to gym membership. No further cash outlay is needed once you have purchased the equipment and your gym will be there anytime you feel like using it.

So if you’re thinking of exchanging your membership for a gym of your own, here’s a rundown of the essentials you will need…

Essential fitness equipment
If space in your home is a problem then it’s probably only worth buying the essentials. One of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment is the running machine. Treadmills and Nordic tracks are excellent for a full cardio workout and regular use does help to build stamina. Running machines will tone and strengthen leg muscles, help to reduce body fat, improve circulation and will also help to reduce stress and enhance your mood.

Get fitter quicker
If you’re looking for something that provides a little more punch but is easier on the knees then consider an elliptical trainer. An elliptical trainer is a cross between an exercise bike and a Nordic skiing machine. The benefits of this piece of equipment is that it offers low impact training, meaning there is less stress placed on the joints. If you have a regular routine and the right amount of dedication then this piece of equipment can provide real results in only a few weeks.

Building and toning muscles
Weights are the most useful piece of equipment when it comes to building and toning muscles. You don’t need to fork out large amounts of cash for a professional weight set; a set of dumbbells and an exercise bench is really all that is required. The exercise bench can also be used for other exercises such as stomach crunches. If you’re a beginner considering weight lifting exercises then simply get online and watch any of the free videos dedicated to building specific muscles.

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