The ancient Greek myth of Narcissus tells us of an incredibly beautiful youth. Upon glimpsing his own reflection in a fountain of water he was so taken by his features that he was unable to leave until he wasted away and died.

Since then countless studies and research have been conducted on those suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. From being a sexual perversion to a simple (but destructive) fixation with oneself, it’s not an uncommon condition. In fact there is evidence to support that our excessive use of social media is turning us all into narcissists via the selfie. The selfie is one of the more annoying styles of photography that litters newsfeeds everywhere. Heavily edited closeups of makeup slathered faces and streaky spray tans of people who’s self-esteem is directly proportional to how many likes they have.

Don’t get me wrong here though; it is perfectly acceptable to have a few good headshots, but there is always a limit. Check out this infographic for more on how social media is bringing out the inner selfie-hag in all of us.

Selfie Syndrome



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