Colors make a bigger impact on us than we realize. Our brains have natural neurological responses when it sees color and our culture only adds to that. Where we grow up and what media we are exposed to shapes our minds to which colors go with which concepts. Most of the time we take these reactions for granted but, the truth is, almost every culture responds differently to the colors.

In western culture we see white as cleanliness and purity, but in Asian culture white is the color of mourning and associated with death. Indian Culture sees red the color of beauty and power, while in the Middle East red is reminiscent of evil and danger and is a cautionary color. Happiness and joy are found in yellow in Western culture, but Far Eastern culture sees yellow with more of a regal, masculine, and sacred nature.

For more on the world of color take a look at this infographic below. Which culture of color do you identify with? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

Colors by Culture


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