A strong interview is essential to getting the job, but how do you make yourself stand out? Among all the other candidates out for the job, some of which may be far more qualified than yourself, how do you make sure you’re remembered?

Making a good initial first impression paves the way for a great interview. Don’t be nervous, but positive and enthusiastic. Work on that handshake, dress professionally, and be pleasant and friendly. Be ready to answer questions simply and clearly and don’t talk in circles. If a question stumps you don’t be afraid to pause for a moment; give it your best shot and be honest.

Make yourself familiar with the company; read up on them and learn as much as you can. Remember, if you aren’t interested in them, they won’t be interested in you. Check out their website, news articles, reports, and social media presence.

Speaking of social media, how you manage your accounts could make or break your professional career. Almost 70% of employers have rejected an application because of their social media presence. Red flags include inappropriate pictures, discriminatory comments in any form, and negative comments about previous employers.

Check out this infographic for more and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Source: Masters-in-Business.net


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