It doesn’t matter what the occasion is … gift giving can be stressful! Finding the perfect gift for someone you care about is difficult.

Even if you come across something good, there are so many questions: Will the person really like it? Does he or she already have it? What can you afford to spend?

If you’re tired of searching for a great gift, it’s okay. Here are six gift ideas that should make anyone happy.

1. For the book lover

Do you know someone who always has a book with him? Who anxiously awaits the release of the next bestseller?

Then relax! There are tons of great gifts to make a book lover happy. You may want to give a stylish notebook or a hardcover book that will look great on her bookshelf. To make your gift a little more personal, why not give a book that you enjoyed reading?

For the tech-obsessed book lover, there is always an eReader. eReaders have been steadily gaining in popularity, so an eReader or a case will certainly be appreciated.

2. For the workaholic

We all have that person in our lives who loves to work. Maybe he or she spends extra hours on the job or spends free time holed up in an office. What can you buy that kind of person?

However, for your employer who may have everything it’s nice to acknowledge them by getting them something as simple as Boss’s Day ecards at Hallmark.

3. For the young-at-heart

There’s nothing like a good novelty gift to make someone smile. Sure, it may not be the most useful gift in the world; but it doesn’t have to be.

A novelty gift is all about making the whimsical and young-at-heart feel good! Thankfully, there are more mustache-shaped things and bacon-flavored items on the market than you could ever imagine. Bacon is being touted as the hot food of our time, with sales rising 25% over the past year.

To make someone smile, pick up a mustache T-shirt or a bacon-scented candle. Your gift will certainly be memorable.

4. For the art lover

Art is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only does it look great wherever you put it, but it can also showcase a little personality. To give a special gift that lasts for years to come, choose customized art. Custom-framed photos, such as ones from Letter Perspectives, can be chosen or created to suit the occasion — and the person you’re giving to.

It’s a great alternative to generic store-bought art.

5. For the home decor fanatic

Some people really love their homes. If you know anyone who’s constantly re-arranging the pillows or entertaining guests, you have many gift-giving options. Give that person a warm, cozy blanket, a coffee table book, or even a gift card to his or her favorite home store.

Such a thoughtful gift is sure to make that person happy!


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