Thanks to computers, millions of individuals are keeping track of their finances better than ever. Personal finance management has 82% of people working with it on computers. And though most things are going mobile, 78% of people say they feel more secure managing their money on a computer rather than a mobile device. So now that we can manage our finances, how can we manage our slow computers?

Technology is a fickle friend, and most of us laymen think that if it breaks, well, you have to get a new one. We are often loathe to give up on our laptop mostly because we are so used to it, but also because new laptops carry a high price tag.

Instead of shelling out several hundred dollars for a new computer, consider just upgrading the memory. Replacing RAM costs on average $80-$120 and you can easily do it yourself.

For more on the life of computers and the benefits of upping your RAM, take a look at this infographic below.

Do your finances compute?


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