Today, people are living longer lives than ever before. But what do the world’s oldest people have in common? They tend to have phenomenal genetics, smaller body frames, strong willpower, large families, active lifestyles, strong religious beliefs, a strong sense of purpose, plant-based diets and young parents. For some context, a Centenarian is a person aged 100 years or older. A Supercentenarian is a person aged 110 years or older—and there are an estimated 300-450 Supercentenarians worldwide. Interestingly enough, there are only two living male Supercentenarians worldwide—compared to 63 living female Supercentenarians. The majority of Centenarians in the U.S. can be found in the Northeast and Midwest.

Some of the most impressive Centenarians include Grandma Moses (age 101), Irving Berlin (age 101), Queen Elizabeth (age 101), Ba Jin (age 101) and Dorothea Tanning (age 101). Please keep in mind—while certain characteristics are common in long-living people, adopting them won’t necessarily allow you to live longer.

To learn more, take a look at the infographic below!

World's Oldest People


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