The great wide world of the Internet is very entertaining. There are so many things to do and sites to visit, that if you aren’t careful you can while your day away browsing the online world.

Before you know it, the day is over and you’ve been online the whole time. It is just that exciting! If you haven’t yet had that experience, here are five of the most exciting websites that you should definitely visit. (Heck, maybe you should never leave.)

1. StumbleUpon

This is a wonderfully mysterious site to visit. At first glance, you might not have the slightest clue how to navigate this locale. The point of StumbleUpon is to widen your horizons by suggesting fun pages that align with your tastes.

All you have to do is set up your profile, input your likes, and press the “stumble” button. The site will randomly take you to various pages you will likely enjoy from all over the world.

2. Facebook

Of course, we had to include Facebook, simply because of its massive popularity as the Internet’s number-one social site. Most of us have wasted many hours on this site, reading and keeping up with everyone else’s business.

Facebook can be categorized as an entertaining site simply for its ability to keep nosey people busy all day long.

3. eBay

If you’re interested in finding merchandise at a very cheap price, eBay is your site. eBay also features hard-to-find collectors items, courtesy of dealers and other enthusiasts.

4. YouTube

For pure entertainment and hours of listening to new bands, unheard-of performers, comics, and just plain folks doing and observing fun stuff, this site is da bomb. YouTube not only delivers quality music, it can open your eyes to unknown talent around the world.

The site is so popular that almost everyone is making videos and designing their own channels to share information. The best videos even generate a little money for their creators!

5. On the Curb

This innovative new site is amazing! Simply register using your Facebook page, then enjoy this site’s service. On the Curb basically allows you to take a picture of any possession you wish to get rid of, and then you leave it on the curbside and the online map shows other people where to come and get the object.

This giveaway system is so simple that it requires minimal effort to rid yourself of unwanted possessions. It also helps those in need to find things they don’t have to pay anything for. There’s also a mobile app for this site.

Don’t delay; if you haven’t been to all these exciting websites, check ’em out now! You’ll be surprised at how entertaining they are.


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