If “Hey, bro, what’s your wifi password?” is a regular phrase in your lexicon, you may have a problem. WiFi is virtually everywhere now from hotels to coffee shops to airplanes and is present in 61% of American households. Constant and instant connectivity is making us all lose our minds.

Internet addictions are just as real as any other addiction with the same patterns and sometimes the same consequences. Cyber Relationship Addiction is very common as it incorporated the over use of social networking and media sites. Constant usage of Facebook and Twitter makes the virtual relationship more important than the physical one. Shopping and gambling addictions are only made worse with Internet’s help and the information overload tops the list for work distractors.

Chances are, you are somewhat addicted to your connectivity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a problem. Now if losing track of time is a constant occurrence and isolation from friends and family happens regularly, then that could be a sign of a bigger problem. Limit your time and set goals for yourself to shake this bad habit.

Check out this infographic below for more and let us know what you think in the comment section.


Infographic by Iconic Displays


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