Your child is going to learn a lot over the course of his or her life. Some of that education will come from school. Some will come from you, and some will come from his or her ability to play sports.

Playing on a team can be a great contribution to your child’s development because the lessons your child will take away from being part of a team are irreplaceable.

Lasting friendships

Allowing children to play sports they love is a great way for them to foster healthy relationships with kids their own age and build lasting friendships. Even if they don’t know anyone on the team at the beginning of the season, they already have something in common.

Their mutual love for this sport provides them with an unbreakable connection that could last a lifetime. Kids who make friends like this are better in school, less likely to get into trouble, and more likely to focus on the important aspects of life than the trivial ones.

A positive attitude

Your child will learn quickly that the only way to play a sport is with a positive attitude. They’ll learn that winning is great but it’s not everything if you have a positive attitude and a penchant for wanting to learn and improve.

Sports of any kind aren’t much fun when they aren’t approached with a positive attitude. Your kids will quickly learn that having fun is more important than any other aspect of the game, which will increase the likelihood that your child will get more out of the games.


Most important, your kids will take from sports a measure of dignity. That’s something they’ll need for a lifetime and it’s often learned the difficult way: by losing. Your kids probably won’t win every single game they play.

This means they’ll have an opportunity to learn to accept both wins and losses with dignity, focus on the lessons provided through mistakes, and improve their game or attitude in the future. Additionally, dignity is a lesson learned by sometimes looking silly. Not all sports equipment and gear is trendy or fashionable, but your child will learn to wear it with pride.

Kids and sports just go hand in hand. Even if your child isn’t very good at anything, enthusiasm for the game and the ability to make lasting friendships will make sports enjoyable for him or her. Everyone will take home some life skills that can only be learned by participating on a team.


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