There are 1.8 billion global black market jobs. The total U.S. illicit trade value is an astounding $625.63 billion. Among the biggest markets for illegal items include body parts, exotic pets and animals, drugs, sperm and crude oil. The average value of a full human body is $551,473—and kidneys, which make up 75 percent of the global illicit organ trade, go for around $262,000. A gorilla can net you $400,000 on the global black market. Due to strict DEA regulations, many people turn to the black market to get their drugs. Oxycodone and other prescription drugs are among the most abused drugs. Sperm banks even ran dry—with no legitimate source for sperm, people turned to the black market, which gives absolutely no guarantee that the sperm is safe or STD-free. Strict government regulation has pushed some people to smuggle crude oil.

To learn more about what sells on the black market, take a look at the full infographic by Finance Degree Center below.



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