There are some popular ways to feel good that are emerging throughout the country, but we’ve got to warn you: They’re not exactly new.

They’re new to the people who are doing them, because too many times in this increasingly busy world, we’ve gotten ourselves into a set of hectic, stressful, unhealthy habits that leaves us feeling worse and worse as time goes on. So here are some old ways of feeling good, that are currently hot and trending, because, well, they’re new concepts for most people!

1. Meditate

Meditation has been around for thousands of years, so it’s nothing new to the ancient Hindu and Buddhist cultures, among others. But it’s not something that many developed nations have grown up doing, or been taught to do, in the era dominated by Western health care that focuses on treatment and products, instead of wellness and prevention.

When you meditate, you can experience all kinds of physiological and psychological benefits, but since we’re limited on space and there’s still two awesome things to talk about, we’ll just sum up meditation this way: It makes you breathe deeply, relax, and feel good. So try it this week, and you’re almost guaranteed to feel better!

2. Go outside

There are so many benefits to exploring nature that we certainly couldn’t list them all here. You’ll see, once you’re outside and really observe how you feel.

Turn off your phone for five minutes, breathe deeply (meditate, even), and just look at all the beautiful things that are around you. Then you’ll understand what other people have learned about being outside: an increased appreciation for nature, and a sense of well-being that can carry into your life indoors!

3. Exercise

It’s never been more important to exercise, yet it’s somehow never been more difficult to find the time and energy to do so. In part, that’s because the lucky people who have jobs in this economy are grinding away like never before, with 50- and 60-hour work weeks not at all uncommon.

So eliminate all the possible obstacles to exercising by making it easy: buy an exercise bike or elliptical machine and make a daily appointment to work out. Start with 15 minutes per day. You’ll feel better almost immediately!


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