Political scientist, Ivan Arreguin-Toft has analyzed every war in the past 200 years fought by strong and weak opponents. Over 71% of the time it was the stronger army who won. But what happened when the smaller armies changed the rules of war makes us question what an advantage really is. Re-analyzation reveals those ingenious armies went from winning 28.5% to 63.6%.

Logic tells us that it’s the bigger, stronger party that wins the fights and that’s why we love a good underdog story; they make us question our perception of advantages. The classical biblical account of David and Goliath, for example, David takes Goliath’s strength and turns it into a weakness. Because Goliath was ready for a conventional fight, in which case David would have been overwhelmed, he became a sitting duck for David’s skill with a sling and stone.

Everyone loves a good underdog story, but how much of a disadvantage does he really have? Take a look at this infographic for more and let us know what you think in the comments!

Battling Giants
Source: MBA-in-Marketing.com


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