3 Ways That Superstars Start Their Day 1

So you want to live a life that’s different from everyone else’s? That’s a great goal to have, in a world that has become increasingly out of shape physically and mentally.

But the tough part about this is, human beings generally look to the left and the right and try to be like the people around them. So if you want to live a life that’s different from most, then you’ve got to do things that are different from what most people are doing.

Who can we take a look at, for a better example? Superstars! Here are three basic ways that superstars get their day going. And once you get started in the right direction, chances are, your life will start to look differently!

1. Hit snooze

Sleep is very, very, very important for the brain. Recent research suggests that sleep is the activity that essentially helps your brain to recover from a day of work. Sleep is a cleaning mechanism of sorts.

So hit snooze … but only today. Tomorrow, you won’t have to hit snooze, because tonight you’re going to go to bed earlier, and get a solid eight hours of sleep. That’s what superstars do, and they start their day with natural energy and a brain that’s ready for action as a result.

2. Meditation

This is the exact opposite of what most working people are doing these days. Because most people are sleep deprived, according to most contemporary studies on sleep deprivation), they load up on sugar and caffeine as chemical crutches to get them going. But then they crash hard and are often operating on low energy before lunchtime.

So start with two glasses of water and meditate for 15 minutes. See how that goes. It goes well for superstars!

3. Exercise

I know, I know: you hear this one all the time. But that’s because it works. Exercise boosts brainpower, and more importantly, self esteem.

If you want to live like a superstar, you’ve got to feel like one. So get yourself a new elliptical machine or an exercise bike, and remove all the obstacles between you and daily exercise (like gym memberships or having to drive somewhere to work out).

Make the path to exercise a simple one, and exercise every day. Maybe then you’ll find that the rest of your day just got a lot easier. And you’ll know what it’s like to feel like a superstar!


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