The Improv Everywhere team is at it again.

For their latest mission they recreated the famous fake orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally with actors dressed as Harry and Sally and 20 additional couples in Katz’s Deli. When Sally’s fake orgasm began, 20 additional women (on dates with 20 men) joined in one by one, creating an over-the-top surprise for the Katz’s employees and patrons. This was staged without the knowledge of the restaurant, though thankfully they all seemed to love it.

I love a good flashmob

[youtube url=”” hd=”1″ rel=”0″ showsearch=”0″ showinfo=”0″]

For those that don’t remember the original scene with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, here ya go…

[youtube url=”” hd=”1″ rel=”0″ showsearch=”0″ showinfo=”0″]



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