The Internet is getting as crowded as a major metro city at rush hour, and although there aren’t horns and loud trains, it’s becoming noisy in its own way. It’s tough to get discovered if you provide great entertainment, and it’s harder than ever to find great entertainment that you truly love.

So how are people finding the best stuff online these days? The answer is always changing, but as of right now, we can tell you three of the most popular ways we see entertainment being discovered online!

1. Reddit

This site is incredibly hot right now, in part due to its massive and authentic user base of witty contributors. These Redditors earn “karma” credits for posts that are popular, and their posts range from photos to stories to movies. There’s also a steep penalty for posting things that are not popular, which takes you into “negative karma” territory.

As a result, you’ve got people competing to post the best stuff online, and that’s why Reddit is increasingly known as the “front page of the Internet”

2. Twitter

Twitter has emerged as one of the best sources of real-time trends, both from a breaking news standpoint but also for just general newsworthiness. When something catches on, and is posted with a hashtag summary symbol (which is popular to do), it has a chance to become one of the ten trending hashtag subjects on Twitter.

If a post achieves that status, a network effect occurs, and the hashtag and topic tend to explode further into prominence and the potential attention of millions.

Keeping an eye on Twitter hashtags is a great way to discover the best entertainment, but you can also search Twitter for any term at all, and see if it’s becoming more or less popular. You might search Twitter for “best show on TV,” for example, and you’ll be able to see if one show seems to be trending in a positive direction!

3. Google

Google has all kinds of ways to serve the best entertainment to its users, from its video engine YouTube, to its core service that connects the entire Internet: search engine results. Search results are so vital now that it’s led to an entirely new industry for people who specialize in search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Searching Google for the hottest new entertainment, then, will yield very accurate results on what’s truly popular, without wasting your time on things that aren’t!


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