4 Home Repair Jobs That Should Never Be Done by An Amateur 1

When things go wrong around your home, you can either take care of the problem or you can call a professional. Whether it’s a plumbing problem, roofing, or even a smaller issue in your home, it is time to get someone else to tackle the job and save time for better things.

Getting a professional to repair or maintain your home has many good points. Here are four jobs you should never attempt on your own.

1. Plumbing

It is surely very easy to repair a simple leak or replace a faucet. The problem starts when you try to modify any of the pipes, fixtures, and parts that you’re really unfamiliar with.

You would want to avoid doing any pipe extensions or re-routing of sewage lines, because sometimes these pipes are made of copper and will require the use of a torch. If you have no experience in this area, it can be very dangerous.

2. Electrical work

This is one of the most risky jobs to attempt on your own. Unless you are changing a light bulb or installing a light fixture, it’s best to consult a professional to do this kind of work. Electrical work can get very extensive; confusion and errors can start a fire. There should never be any doubt when you’re working with electricity.

3. Roofing

Roofing is dangerous for one reason in particular: the chance of falling and getting hurt or dying is a good enough reason never to attempt this one on your own.

Not only can you get hurt, but you can also do the work improperly and cause the roof to leak. This in turn can lead to water damage. It’s best to leave this one to the professionals as well.

4. Gas line repair

Dealing with gas lines is always a dangerous task. Even though you remember turning off the gas before the job and reconnecting all the appliances, gas can always find a leaking spot. If this happens, it could prove fatal. Carbon monoxide poisoning is not an uncommon cause of injury and death.

All these jobs demand the experience and know-how of a professional in the field. Without proper training — the kind an air-condition or plumbing professional will have — you can encounter even larger problems and suffer injury by trying to tackle home repair jobs on your own.

Make the smart choice and leave the job to the ones who make their living by doing it.


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