4 Halloween Decorations for Your Car 1


If you’re into Halloween, you’re probably always on the lookout for great Halloween ideas. Aside from dressing yourself, decorating your house and putting goofy outfits on your pets is there any other way to get into the Halloween spirit?

Well, you can always decorate your car! Here are four great ways to add some Halloween fun to your ride

1. Fake arm or leg

A timeless (and limb-less) classic! This decoration comes in many different styles, but the basic concept is always the same: a fake arm or leg hanging out of your closed trunk or car door.

There are professional versions you can buy, although a home-made version isn’t difficult to make, either. Just be sure not to get too realistic — you don’t want frightened motorists to call the cops.

2. Haunted voices for GPS

Got a GPS system? Add some seasonal scares with a creepy Halloween voice. Most GPS systems have a spooky voice or two you can download — either for free or for a small fee. It’s the perfect thing for when you’re driving your friends to a haunted house or Halloween party.

3. Decorate the interior

Spider webs, stickers, lights, and more can easily add some creepiness to the inside of your car. You don’t even need anything specifically made for cars — many “traditional” decorations are perfectly well suited for use in a car.

Of course, there are also many elaborate options specifically for the interior of a car. Some Halloween pros create fake monsters in the process of crawling through the windshield, or even elaborate, fake passengers. (Just be sure your decorations don’t interfere with your ability to drive safely.)

4. Car costumes

If you’re going to be driving around as part of your Halloween activities, you might consider putting a costume on your car. There are plenty of options. Most car costumes are magnet-based, so they’ll remain securely attached but won’t harm your car’s body.

Another decoration option that’s hot these days are car lashes: they’re great as part of a vehicular Halloween costume or for just a cool look all year round.

Whether you’re driving your friends around for the night or just leaving your car parked out in the driveway, car decorations add unique Halloween style. When you’re on the road, always remember to stay safe, and use these Halloween tips to be as spooky as possible!


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