Melanoma, though the most treatable cancer, is also one of the most overlooked. Spots on the skin are easily mistaken for just freckles or age spots, but they could be the early stages of melanoma. The best we can do is be aware and know our skin.

Take stock of marks already on your skin from moles to freckles. Most of the spots are small; from the size of a nail head to a pencil eraser. They can show up anywhere but are more commonly found on areas exposed to the sun and can darken in the summer. Telling the difference between harmless spots and melanoma could help identify the beginnings of the cancer and allow more time for treatment; here’s how to do it:┬áMelanoma, unlike common blemishes, is irregular shaped rather than round. Asymmetrical edges and notched boarders are a good indication. Shades of brown and black are another warning sign, though melanoma has been seen in many different colors.

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