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More good stuff coming from the IK Multimedia team – This time it is the iLoud – “the first wireless portable speaker designed for musicians” (site)  We haven’t conducted a hands on review YET but the we really like what we’re seeing in the comparison videos and the information we’ve reviewed thus far.

This one, though it’s blurred out, appears to be the BOSE competitor but don’t know the exact model.

iLoud seems to compare favorably.

Here’s the big Jambox –

Again, it appears to compare well.

All of them cost about the same and have similar features but iLoud seems really keyed toward not only the music listener but the musician too – with the built in iRig functionality, you can take advantage of a ton of other IK Multimedia software (like Amplitube) or you can route your guitar or mic input to other apps.

Some features that look really cool –

  • 10 hour battery life
  • 40W output
  • Designed for musicians (so I expect accurate sound)
  • Appears to be easily carried around (i.e. in a backpack)
  • iRig functions (again, musicians in mind)


From the Press Release –

Loud and Clear

The iLoud speaker is indeed very loud. In fact, it’s 2 to 3 times louder than comparable size speakers — a blasting 40W RMS of power. But iLoud is extremely clear at all volume levels thanks to an onboard DSP processor and a bi-amped 4-driver array of high efficient neodymium loudspeakers, that provide accurate, even response across the entire frequency spectrum for unbelievable realism of sound. For deep bass response iLoud’s bass-reflex allows frequencies to go down to 50hz, an amazing low end for this small enclosure.”

Sounds good to me – I can’t wait to do my own comparison.

Pricing and Availability

iLoud is priced at $299.99 plus tax and is available now from the IK Multimedia here – from their site you can search for a local retailer.

Check this site for other videso:





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