Bibliophiles, rejoice! You don’t need to hunker down in the library or plunk yourself in a coffee shop surrounded by books and the hope that someone will come over to ask what you are reading … though any book lover can attest that these aren’t bad ways to spend an afternoon — even if no one shows up to chat.

If you don’t know already, there are book blogs out there; yes, book blogs, as in blogs by voracious readers and for voracious readers. You don’t have to sit and stew about the latest character development in the novel you’re reading any longer!

Here are the five best book blogs for life-long readers.

1. BookRiot

This one has great content on any number of genres, coupled with excellent book-themed photos and merchandise. It also has a quarterly subscription that you can sign up for.

2. 101 Books

Read along as Robert Bruce reads the 100 books on Time‘s list of greatest novels.

3. The World Through Books

This young lady set a goal for herself to read one nonfiction book on every single country in the world. Also known as the Global Book Challenge, she invites you to follow along.

4. Tin House

You’ll find some lovely content here, including videos and reviews from Tin House magazine.

5. The Elegant Variation

A blog on literature, with a worthy reading sidebar and reviews, as well as other posts that mostly focus on being a good reader and critical writer.

Finding book blogs that suit your style

Where there are readers, there are book blogs. While the suggested list above is great to get started, finding the blogs that best suit the genre and content you prefer will probably leave you the most satisfied, and that just comes down to good old-fashioned research.

Blogs do all that they can to advertise their postings, so do some quick searches on your favorite books and authors and you’re sure to find someone that loves YA fiction or ancient Greek texts as much as you do.

And if that fails, ask around. Booksellers are a great source of info for online content and favorite blogs. After you get some suggestions, be sure to post about the seller online, and help others in your area in their hunt for the perfect book blog, and the perfect book seller.

Readers who tend to be introverted need all the help we can get: Post your info, your reviews, even start your own blog, and there will be readers. It’s what bibliophiles do best, after all: we read.


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