Advertising internationally is more than just translating and shipping off to foreign countries. There is some serious work that has to go into tailoring ads for other countries and regions. From getting lost in translation, to embarrassing faux pas, there are countless cultural mistakes that can happen when the proper research isn’t done.

Just ask the “Got Milk?” campaign from the 90s. This well-remembered and famous campaign was not so for Spanish speakers. When translated, the catchy phrase turned into “Are you lactating?” Overall, the campaign didn’t so well for Latinos.

Color symbolism runs very deep with many cultures, though the meaning and message of color varies greatly. In many asian cultures the color white denotes death or mourning, but for Anglo-Saxons it represents happiness and purity. Germanic culture sees blue as warm and feminine while Nordic culture sees it as cold and masculine.

Advertising internationally is a big step for companies and could mean new customers, increased exposure, and new channels for profit. Take a look at this infographic for more and tell us what you think in the comments!

International Marketing


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