Carpet tiles are small sections of carpeting that can be used as an alternative to rolled wall-to-wall carpeting. They are available in an array of colors and textures and can make carpeting a room significantly easier. Carpet tiles are commonly used for commercial purposes and are often found in schools, building lobbies, and airports. More recently, they have become common in homes as well. Below are several reasons to consider carpet tiles as a substitute to traditional carpet rolls in your home.

Carpet Tiles are Easier to Install
Standard carpet rolls typically require professional installation. Alternatively, carpet tiles can be installed by anyone remotely handy. All you have to do is place the first tile at the center of the room, work the tiles out from that point while creating whatever pattern you desire. To finish, use a utility knife to fit the final squares neatly against the wall. Many tiles come with adhesive backs, which merely require that the protective sheeting be peeled off, whereas other tiles can be attached to the floor using a double-sided carpet tape.

Carpeting a room with standard rolls can be a tedious task, as all the furniture in a room has to be removed, brought back in, and rearranged later. If you choose to go with carpet tiles, the most you will have to move your furniture is a couple of feet; because the tiles are small, you can easily work around them.

Carpet Tiles are Easier to Clean
Carpet tiles are child and pet friendly, as they are relatively easy to clean. Wall-to-wall carpets often require carpet steaming or professional services to be adequately cleaned. Carpet tiles, on the other hand, can be removed individually and cleaned with appliances you already have at home.

Carpet Tiles Allow for Custom Design
Because carpet tiles are available in a wide assortment of designs and styles, a homeowner can mix and match various tiles to fit their liking. The individual tiles can be versatile, as some can be rotated ninety degrees to alter the direction of a pattern. If you wish to install a more uniform surface, the large selection of carpet tile available means that you will certainly be able to choose a design very similar to any wall-to-wall carpeting you were considering in the past.

Carpet Tiles are Environmentally Friendly
Carpet tile is generally made with more recycled material than wall-to-wall carpet rolls. Using recycled carpet tiles helps to keep previously disposed carpet out of landfills, and minimizes waste from manufacturing new carpet. As an added benefit, recycled carpet is also free of any harsh chemicals that can affect the air quality in your home.

Furthermore, removing wall-to-wall carpet can be a difficult and messy task. On the other hand, carpet tiles can be easily — and much more cleanly — removed from the floor, collected, and taken to an appropriate recycling center. Since only the worn-down tiles need to be disposed of, you’ll waste significantly less material when part of your carpet gets damaged.


This article was written together with Billy Dunham, a home improvement expert who hopes to help you have an even better home. He writes this on behalf of Best Carpet Value, your number one choice for all your carpet needs, including tiled carpets!



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