Babies certainly have much to say, but most of them do so in a manner that includes crying, fussing, cooing, gurgling and smiling at Mom, Dad, or other caregivers. What they don’t do to communicate with the people they love most is tweet or update their Facebook status.

After all, how can we expect a four-month-old to type an entire tweet when so many adults can’t do it without using the one-finger hunt-and-peck method? Babies, it appears, are not old enough to use the computer.

It just so happens that even though they cannot sit up on their own, walk, talk, read, write, or spell, many babies now have their very own social media pages online.

Are baby social media accounts real?

Yes, social media accounts for the world’s smallest people do, in fact, exist. It seems that while many unknown babies are now tweeting and facebooking and instagraming their own photos, a few famous baby faces are doing the same.

There’s a growing number of celebrity and frequently-in-the-news media infants that have their own social media accounts. These accounts are written (obviously) by mom and dad and read by what appears to be a substantial number of followers.

Why do babies need social media accounts?

Babies certainly don’t need social media accounts to voice their opinions or post their selfies, but there are a few benefits according to the parents associated with infant social media posting.

Admittedly, not everyone is interested in seeing incessant photos and updates regarding your new baby. However, friends and family still want to keep in contact and get updates. For this reason, many new parents are creating social media accounts for their children so people who really do want to see photos, updates, anecdotes, and stats regarding everything baby, can do so while those who aren’t interested aren’t left wondering if it’s time to delete a good friend for becoming a baby-aholic.

Downfalls of baby social media

This list is pretty extensive, but the biggest downside of an infant social media account is by far the factor that involves creepy Internet stalkers.

When infants and children have their own social media accounts, their information is made public for the world to see. This means pedophiles, kidnappers, and other questionable human beings are free to follow or like the page, which enables them to see personal information about your baby.

Stalkers fixate on adults, so it’s not impossible it could happen to children as well. Allowing the world to have such uninhibited access to your baby’s personal information may be inappropriate and questionable.

Happier baby news

Now that you’re adequately worried about your baby’s worldwide exposure through social media, it’s time to shift to a lighter note. You can keep your baby healthy and safe by labeling all of his or her bottles, clothing, and belongings when you send the kid to day care.

Stick-on labels for your baby’s bottles are far more practical and safe than a social media page. An added bonus is that they let the rest of the day care crowd know some pretty crucial information in much the same way social media allows it: these labels tell your baby’s classmates that this and that belong to him or her.

Social media accounts for infants and children are simply a personal choice that some parents make. Whether or not you agree with this growing trend is irrelevant; people are going to keep doing it because in some social circles it’s considered the “in” thing to do.

If you like it, good for you. If you don’t, you might want to stay off social media for the next few years.



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