You probably knew in the early 1980’s small businesses financial and operations departments began to take advantage of PCs to increase productivity and streamline activity. What you probably didn’t know is that Managed Service Providers – (MSPs) – played a vital role in the adoption of PCs in the workplace.

Starting in the early 80’s and quickly picking up pace in the 90’s MSP’s enabled smaller businesses to quickly adopt new computer systems to streamline day-to-day activities and cut costs while increasing their productivity. In most cases small businesses aren’t in a position to take on the complicated, detail-oriented tasks of keeping their companies technology competitively up to date, so they turn to MSP’s. Today, MSP’s are helping small businesses adopt Cloud computing systems that reduce costs and increase their sensitive information’s security.

With Cloud computing becoming the norm, many CFO’s have moved away from physical hardware spending and banks are no longer approving loans for on-premise data centers and insurance companies are demanding companies have cloud-based disaster recovery plans. Without MSP’s a lot of small businesses would struggle to keep up with the rapid changes we are seeing with technology. To learn more about MSP’s and how they are helping small businesses compete check out this infographic presented by ProfitBricks.

MSPs Technology Implementations and Cloud Computing


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