Outdoor digital signs are an excellent way to communicate core messages and engage with a group of people—but it’s important to protect your signs from the elements of nature. Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat can keep a well-built outdoor display from delivering your message. Solar loading caused by direct sunlight melting the crystal substrate of LCD displays is a danger when screens are exposed to direct sunlight.


To withstand snow and sleet, outdoor displays need to be resistant to water seeping in and tough enough not to crack from ice possibly forming on the outside of the enclosure. To beat rain and humidity, outdoor displays need IP or NEMA rated enclosures to prevent moisture from seeping into the displays. In dry climates, sand and dust particles can get inside and do much damage and can also scratch the outer surfaces of the display. In the spring, pollen can wreak havoc on the inner workings of outdoor digital signs. To make matters more complicated, outdoor digital signs are subject to possible vandalism and graffiti.

To learn how you can fully protect outdoor digital signs from mother nature and even the human criminal element, check out the infographic below.

Beating the Elements with Outdoor Digital Signage [Infographic]
Beating the Elements with Outdoor Digital Signage [Infographic]
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