Lifting is one of the great things about being an upright person with arms. You can lift things to make your arms stronger or you can lift things to move them out of your way. You have the power.

An average woman weighs 60 kilograms and can squat 50 kilograms – that’s 83% of her body weight! A man, weighing 88 kilograms on average, can squat 57 kilograms, a whopping 65% of his body weight. People, however are not nearly as impressive as animals are.

A gorilla weighs 220 kilograms and can lift 2,000 kilograms – 10 times it’s body weight. And a leafcutter ant can lift 50 times it’s body weight (which is only .025 kilograms, but still).

While nature’s great and all, machines do most of the heavy lifting in the world. Take the Antonov AN-225 Mriya cargo plane: The empty plane weighs 285,763 kilograms but can be weighted down to up to 580,598 kilograms and still take off.

To see more stuff that will make you feel inadequate about bench pressing 100 kilograms, check out this infographic from National Pallets (who lift 22,800,000 kilograms every day).

Do you even lift, Bro?
© National Pallets


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