A smart home is defined as a residence that has appliances, heating, cooling, TVs, and computers, and other systems that are capable of communicating with each other. Automatic lighting, single remote entertainment systems, and smart sprinkler systems are just the beginning. Temperature features are more advanced than ever with sensors that identify if the house is too hot or too cold and changes temperatures accordingly. These systems keep the home comfortable by maintaining indoor air quality and humidity levels.

With an ultra connected home that can be accessed via a smartphone app and WiFi connection, there are some unique security concerns. Security cameras, motion sensors and night vision line the perimeter of these homes to dissuade and catch burglars, but there is a new threat for smart home owners: hackers. Being constantly connected to your home is a blessing and a curse; you may always be connected, but someone else could be, too.

Think you’re ready for a smart home? Take a look at this infographic for more information.

Smart home security systems: A safe bet or a gift to thieves?

From: Bankrate Insurance’s insuranceQuotes.com


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