Do you ever scan those QR codes? Well, pretty soon you may be able to pay for items at a grocery store or a check at a restaurant just by scanning a QR code. In fact, there are companies that have already made this a reality. Paydiant and LevelUP are two companies that process payments using QR; Paydiant partnering with Bank of America and LevelUp supported at over 3000 merchants with over 200,000 customers using the technology.

Another technology making waves in the world mobile payments is NFC which transfers data wireless to and from NFC enabled devices. Google has already invested heavily in NFC, supporting it on their Android OS and on their Google Wallet app. With major companies like Google taking stake in mobile payment processing, it won’t be long before mobile transactions become an everyday reality. To learn more, check out this infographic from Merchant Warehouse.

QR Codes vs NFC - Infographic | Merchant Warehouse


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