Today, the NFL bans computers, cell phones, tablets and video recording equipment from the sidelines, and the locker rooms and coaching booths. It seems like there is simply no room for technology on game-day, but that doesn’t stop developers from trying to create the ultimate connected stadium. But how do we go from the no-wifi-available stadium to the techies paradise of the future?

The rules that prohibit the use of certain technologies are losing their hold now that there are some pretty sweet new pieces available. Already, plenty of teams are taking advantage of a simple video-analysis app that breaks down footage from every angle. Mostly for training purposes, it’s a great and more effective alternative to the classic picture print out. Sensitive sensors are put in gloves to measure player diagnostics, from hydration levels to heart rate to recovery time. The personalized data helps players know what to work on and what to look out for on the field.

Gyroscopic footballs, helmets full of sensors and wireless referee connectivity are just the beginning. Check out this infographic for more.

brains meets brawn


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