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3 Parenting Blogs Every Dad Should Follow

Children are overwhelming at any age. Wouldn’t it be great it if you could find a mentor — someone who has already been through the newborn, toddler, middle school, and teenage rearing process?

Whether you’re experienced or a new father, there are some very wise dad bloggers that can give you new perspectives on child-rearing, family life, and carving out time for yourself. Take a load off and check out these three great parenting blogs for dads.

1. Father of the Blog

This blog tackles a diverse range of topics, from medical emergencies to bedtime conflicts, family vacations, and time management. The dad who runs “Father of the Blog” has been chronicling his journey with two daughters, ages 4 and 5.

He analyses the whimsical and sometimes alarming shenanigans his children manage to get into. He also offers fathers helpful tips on hosting craft parties, dealing with night terrors, and what families can do together on Mother’s Day.

2. GeekDad

This blog is run by Wired magazine, and it features a diverse range of articles from multiple authors. They are dedicated to “Raising Geek Generation 2.0,” according to the GeekDad tagline.

The posts delve into nerd culture, weighing in on films like Star Wars and Wreck-it Ralph. Readers get a healthy dose of video game and tech news, as the newest gadgets and releases are discussed.

But don’t worry about your kids getting overexposed to technology. GeekDad also likes to bring it home with classic outdoor activities, featuring outdoor play, sewing, and tabletop game guides.

Remember when you used to beg your dad to let you tune in to a TV show or spend time on a computer? Well, GeekDad seeks to inspire nerdy inquisition while giving dads educational goals to explore with their children. Here’s to the next generation of tech-savvy kids!

3. DadCentric

This is group blog run by a fun and crazy bunch of contributors based across the US. Their logo is an amusing “X” symbol formed out of a baby bottle and a beer bottle.

These dads post neat YouTube videos, write pop culture commentary, discuss home life, and mull over family finances. This is the perfect place to bond with new fathers and get pumped up over how fun it can be to raise children.

Fathers are subject to massive stresses: they must calm baby colic discomfort with gripe water, make sure their children arrive safely at school, and help their children develop … all while juggling everyday adult responsibilities.

Blogs dedicated to fatherhood can help you overcome the stress associated with parenting. You’re not the only one struggling out there; log on, comment, and get involved with the community!

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