Cap’n Crunch is a phenomenal late night talk show host, as his questions probe deeper than 20,000 leagues under the milk sea and he always uncovers the truth. The Cap’n deserves a comfortable green room to relax in when he’s not grilling somebody. Ever wonder what the top requests for his green room consist of? Let’s find out!

The first is two mermaid mustache coiffeurs—with the understanding that the Cap’n is married to the sea. Another common request is delicious triple filtered, gourmet milk from CrunchBerry-fed cows. Of course, the Cap’n needs to look sharp and must have access to diverse wardrobe choices. The Cap’n needs his fuel and an extensive brunch menu consisting of crunch burgers, chocolatey crunch cake, peanut butter crunch and jelly sandwiches, Crunch Berry caviar, crunch punch, crunch dogs and cinnamon roll crunch rolls is mandatory. To relax and let loose, Cap’n Crunch will need a Jean LaFoote dart board!

Want to help the Cap’n score a guest host late night tv talk show gig? Check out the infographic to learn what you have to do! 1,589,548 supporters have ‘signed’ the petition so far.

The Cap'n Crunch Show - #TeamCrunch - Cap'n Crunch's Top 5 Requests for His Green Room
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