There’s no question that the Internet and new technology have changed the way you advertise your business. However, even with email newsletters, Facebook updates, tweets, and apps, there’s still a place for traditional methods of marketing in your business plan.

Although everyone’s made a shift, and you’re more likely to communicate with your customers digitally, you need to keep the old tried-and-true ways of communication — a public phone number and mailing address, for instance — and direct mail marketing can be an efficient and helpful part of that.

Consider the following three explanations for why direct mail marketing isn’t dead.

1. You start with some common ground

Of course the Internet is an excellent platform for advertising, but you shouldn’t dismiss your local customers too quickly. Online, you have every kind of person, and every demographic, which can be a lot to wade through before you find your voice and your audience.

However, when you advertise to people in a specific geographical area, you already have some common ground to work with. With direct mailing in your community, you can play to local knowledge and leave an impression with inside jokes and promises to meet the specific needs that people are looking for.

2. You don’t end up in the spam box

When you’re online, you see a million advertisements, sort through endless emails, and have people throwing information at you all the time. It’s easy for customers to dismiss or forget information they receive digitally.

But if they have a physical item in their hand from your company, they’ll be more likely to consider it and remember your business.

3. Make a personal connection

There have been many studies regarding the Internet’s effects on personal relationships. This is just as relevant to friendships and romantic relationships as it is to the relationship a business has with its customers.

Just because you have an online business doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a more personal relationship with your customers, and direct mailing can accomplish and preserve that.

How to make direct mail marketing work for your business

Even an online business like yours can benefit from print marketing. Direct mailing, business cards, ads in printed publications or billboards, and even something as simple as posters hung around town can spread the word about your audience to the local community.

Creating a successful marketing plan for your business means putting time and resources into social media and building your website — but also complementing those digital efforts with physical print ads. With all your bases covered, you can learn which methods work the best, where to refocus your efforts, and bring in as many customers as possible.


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